Majestic Trophies has been serving corporate communities, scholastic events and youth leagues with top grade awards since 1998. We manufacture a full line of trophies, awards, plaques, acrylic, and medals for all occasions. We offer a full range of acrylic corporate awards in medals, as well as academic, scholastic, sports and chess trophies. We have every imaginable combination and selection of trophies, medals, acrylics and personalized gifts at your disposal.
Our Trophies, Awards, Plaques, Acrylic, and Medals are produced 20% less than our competitors. They are manufactured custom to your requirements. We are able to utilize any material you so desire; wood for your plaques, which are paramount in staff recognition for years of service and hard work. We manufacture our Trophies, Awards, and Medals using crystal and acrylic which can be done in any shape or size you require and may be had in any sport imaginable.
Categories of Trophies, Awards, Plaques, Acrylic, and Medals to be had within the New York area are Academic Trophies, Sports Trophies, Awards, Plaques, and Acrylic Awards. Within these categories, we offer basketball, baseball, chess, and hockey, trophies. We also do engravings on these trophies as required. Categories of Awards are as follows; Awards for athletics, and scholastic achievements as well as engravings as needed. Categories of Plaques are as follows; Religious Organizations, Businesses, Business Services, and engravings may be had as required.
Since our Company began in 1998 we have been focusing on filling large orders at wholesale discounts. However, the vision for our Company is to maintain the same wholesale prices and include the manufacturing of small orders as well. No Order is too Small!


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Included in our thrust for inclusion, we are offering a 20% discount on any last invoices you can produce from any of our competitors; whichever is less, of course!
We are located at 325 East 88th Street, between 1st and 2nd avenues on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Deliveries and Pick-ups are available on request.
For more information, you may call us at   Office:(212)289-5569 or email us at info@MajesTictrophies.com